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5 things from nature Helps nourish lips

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day helps keep nourish lips looking healthy. But just drinking water may not be enough. Girls should take additional care of their lips with lip balm or take care of their lips from these 5 natural things.  1. Coconut oil Coconut oil

Benefits of red beans

Red beans are a good source of protein. and very low in fat Helps nourish the heart to be strong. It can also reduce weight. Ready to help nourish the fire element. Therefore, if the weather is cold, humid, or rains a lot, the body

When diet falls off. How should I proceed to maintain

When diet falls off. How should I proceed to maintain ‘good health’? It is normal for people to adjust their behavior for health for a long time and then it happens. “Go back to the old days” or return to the old way of living. that is

Bitter Melon: The Fruit That Can Help With Diabetes

The claims about the medicinal properties of bitter melon. How true or false will it be? Some studies and medical evidence have proven various aspects food as follows: Bitter melon and the treatment of diabetes. Controlling blood sugar levels is a way to treat diabetes. ufabet If blood sugar levels

Items to nourish hands, smooth and soft from nature.

Items to nourish hands, smooth and soft from nature. 1. Coconut oil  Coconut oil is a natural oil rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Helps to nourish the skin to be soft, moisturized and prevent wrinkles. Can use as a daily hand cream to help keep hands

Danger signs hormonal imbalance

Danger signs hormonal imbalance Normally women have their periods every 21-35 days, but if they come too often or lack of menstruation That means we have estrogen. is a female hormone including the hormone progesterone that controls the coming of menstruation a lot or too little In addition to the hormone melatonin

Why are we addicted to coffee?

Why are we addicted to coffee? When it comes to addiction, our bodies are not becoming addicted to coffee or caffeine in the same way to addictive substances like methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, or  kratom. that often cause serious consequences for health and social problems Just. That we may feel that we

5 Stages of Liver Cancer Symptoms

5 Stages of Liver Cancer Symptoms Symptoms of liver cancer patients In the early stages there were no abnormalities. But when there was before the cancer got bigger will have suspicious symptoms. Should see a doctor as follows: For the symptoms there are 5 stages as follows. Diagnosis

What type of sore throat risk of “tonsillitis”?

What type of sore throat is the risk of “tonsillitis”? It is believe that the abnormalities in the body. That seem to minor. But annoying Bully will make us unable to eat, can’t sleep every time. I can’t escape the sore throat. Whether it’s a sore throat from minor

Grape algae, both delicious and inhibiting cancer cells

Grape algae, both delicious and inhibiting cancer cells Seeing beautiful plants Like a small bunch of grapes like this. Did you know that it’s seaweed that came all the way from Japan? What are the benefits of grape algae? Why do we have to eat And how to eat