Rudiger understands the reasons for his countrymen’s disbelief.

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Antonio Rudiger hopes to lead Germany as far as possible at Euro 2024 in the middle of this year. Real Madrid’s Germany defender Antonio Rudiger has revealed that. He understands why many German fans do not believe the Eagles will be successful at football Euro 2024 later this year. According to a report from Build last Sunday. 

You can definitely understand it. Especially when you see how we performed in recent international games. Obviously, that doesn’t give us much courage for such a big tournament.’ said Rudiger. ‘In the end it’s up to our players. We have a responsibility to bring happiness to Germany. If the result is correct If our playing method is correct We will also have fans behind us.’

‘We have a good team. We have top coaches And we all know what a big moment it was. It’s the European Championships, everyone will be motivated. And everyone will put everything into it. That’s why I don’t feel worried.’

‘If I go there I want to go as far as possible. The current situation is not important. It doesn’t matter what happened or what happened before. We didn’t just go there to say hello. Of course I want to go as far as possible. But we will take it step by step and we will be prepared.’