The Easy Way to Play Craps.

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The craps table is always one of the most popular and rowdiest tables in brick and mortar casinos. And is just as much fun to play online. Craps gambling can intimidate some players with its complicate betting format. So in this article we will provide a simple explanation of the rules. As well as picking out some of the best craps bets to make.

1. Player makes the Pass Line Bet.

The Dealer chip is set to ‘OFF’ to show that the Come Out Roll has not yet take place.

Player moves their chip to the Pass section of the board to make a ‘Pass’ bet UFABET 

2. The Come Out Roll is made.

The two dice are roll by a shooter (i.e. one of the players). Or for online play they are roll using a random number generator to create a totally random outcome.
7 or 11 (“Natural”) are roll: All players who bet on Pass win.
2, 3or12 (“Craps”) are roll: All players who bet on Pass lose.
4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 (“Point”) are roll: This number becomes the Point score and the game continues.

Shooter throws dice in game of craps.

3. The Point Number is set and additional bets can be made.

The Dealer take is set to ON meaning it is possible to make other bets.

Players continue their bet on the Point number and can add any other bets. Which they choose to make.

4. Dice continue to be roll until either the Point Number or a 7 appears.

Player wins if the Point number comes out before the 7.
Player loses if the 7 is roll before the Point number.

When either of the above are roll. The Dealer chip is set to OFF again and a new Come Out roll will take place.