Manchester City confirms plans to expand the Etihad Stadium through 60,000 seats.

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Manchester City confirm plans to increase Etihad Stadium stand capacity to more than 60,000 seats. The Daily Mail reports that Manchester City plans to expand the capacity of the Etihad Stadium from approximately 53,400 seats to 60,000. News reports indicate that Manchester City football team is studying and exploring the possibility of expanding the capacity of the Etihad Stadium. North Stand Amphitheater If it can be done. According to the plan set out will make the Blue Sailboat’s field become the second largest stadium in the Premier League.

In addition to increasing the seating capacity in the stands. The boat plans to build a new hotel, museum, shops and increase the size of the fan zone to be larger UFABET

Currently City of Manchester Stadium, which is the main name before changing according to the sponsor. It can accommodate a fan capacity of 53,400 seats in the national league 53,000 in European games. And can accommodate more than 60,000 people for concerts.

Manchester City’s goal is to make the Etihad Stadium. It becomes the second largest stadium behind Manchester United’s Old Trafford with a capacity of 74,310 for just one club. The other three clubs with capacity surpassing the main 60,000 seats are Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with 62,850 seats. West Ham’s London Stadium with 62,500 seats and Emirates Stadium Diem of Arsenal 60,704 seats.