Matthaus defends ‘Kimmich’ as ​​good enough to play in the middle

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Lothar Matthaus, the legend of the German national team, came out to defend Joshua Kimmich for entering the field as a defensive midfielder for Bayern Munich.

After Thomas II in the past period. Kel, head coach of the team, has always called on the club to strengthen the team in this position. 

From an interview with ยูฟ่าเบท, Matthaus seemed dissatisfied with Thomas Tuchel’s management of the team, especially the situation in the team’s midfield position . Harry Kane himself? Okay, that’s a really good reinforcement. But overall they didn’t do it the way Bayern did, which is not good at all. The communication within the club is really bad,” Matthaus said. “As a coach you can tell. 

‘I need someone else’s defense. I have no plans to use Kimmich as a defensive midfielder in my system.’ That’s OK. “You can say it 10 times that you need a new central defender. But right now Kimmich plays in that position. 

He doesn’t like hearing this every day. I don’t understand Thomas Tuchel. He doesn’t stop talking about it . But it was too late.” In the end, Matthaus still expressed confidence in Kimmich to play as a defensive midfielder for the team. 

“We already have a holding midfielder, Kimmich. He’s good enough to play in that position. When he plays maybe too far to the right or too far from the attack line you have to tell him. He’s not stupid, he’s smart, he always wants to improve himself. He wants to win a championship with this team. You have to communicate with the players.”