Cicada, a precious herb Or just moldy carcasses?

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Cicada, a precious herb Or just moldy carcasses?

trending And talked about in the online world a lot for “Wan Cicada” that looks like a dead cicada carcass and is like a small tree sprout from the body of the cicada It is believed. That Cicada is a sacred plant. and rich, having money and gold to spend. Some people bring Cicada to boil drinking water to eat as a routine. Because it is believed to help alleviate all kinds of ailments

but in fact Dr. Amnuay Gajeena, Director-General of the Department of Disease Control, said that the Bureau of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control, had previously received reports of two cases of food poisoning from eating cicadas (mother and child) from provinces in the Northeast. The two of them went to collect wild mushrooms and dug up a cicada. 

Therefore bringing it to fry for two people to eat in the evening Then late at night of the same day Both of them began to experience nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, seizures, and spasms. The child was severely ill, so his relatives took him to see a doctor in the hospital. As for the mother, the symptoms are not serious, wait at home. And the relatives brought a sample of cicada that both of them ate before having the aforementioned symptoms. Let the doctor diagnose as well. The doctor therefore informed the relatives to immediately bring the mother in for treatment. Both of them are currently under close medical care.

Which similar events like this Has happened many times in the past. 

Especially in the year 2014, 9 people were born at the same time out of 11 people who ate a total of 11 people after bringing the cicadas to eat with alcohol. causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, a change in consciousness Muscle spasms, weakness, palpitations and dizziness, etc. All 9 cases were admit to the hospital. There was one severe case requiring tracheal intubation, and two asymptomatic cases. Because after eating it, it tastes unpalatable, so spit it out first. who dug up that cicada and then fried it to eat as well as this event

For that cicada The ones that the villagers bring to fry 

Are just the remains of cicadas. That infect with fungi and insects. That exist in nature. It is not a weed or a mushroom-like plant above the ground and a tuber as you might think.Cicadas found a lot during the rainy season. Because it is a period of high humidity. When cicada larvae emerge from the soil to molt, cicadas become weak. Therefore, there is a chance to easily infected with fungi and insects and eventually die. Insect fungi will grow on the cicada remains. And thrust the filaments outside the cicada and develop a reproductive structure make it look like. It has roots or he came out of the cicada. The insect fungus. That causes cicadas is infect with this fungus. There is a chance that it can happen to other insects as well, such as ants, spiders, aphids, beetles and worms, etc.

Dr. Amnuai went on to say From the villagers bring the cicada to eat and cause food poisoning. It can be caused by fungi or by cicadas combination both fungi and cicadas because cicadas can live in the soil for a long time. Causing some people to allergic to fung. Allergic to cicadas, or to be poisoned by chemicals in the soil. Where the cicada remains live or cicadas to consume. Because they may get sick with food poisoning Or there may be severe symptoms to the point of death.

In addition, the side of doctor lab panda famous medical technologist Said in ufabet That Cicada is not a plant that everyone understands. There are no properties in treating diseases as understood. Because it was only a cicada that died from the fungus only. And the fungus is a different type of fungus from the “Tank Rental”. Which is also a Chinese herb. Because the fungus in the cicada is a fungus that can cause poisoning in the body itself.